Entry #5

Strange Eastern Items ----- ACQUIRED

2010-01-16 15:11:03 by firemaker60

Well, this morning, the mailman came to the door to deliver stuff much earlier than usual. Today, however, he had something completely different to deliver, as I had to sign for a slightly bulky package. There was Japanese writing all over the box, and on the inside was a bunched up newspaper, covered in more J-text. Then, wrapped in this newspaper, in some very neatly arranged bubblewrap, was what I'd been waiting the past two weeks for...

I've now got the latest three games in the Touhou series (that would be: Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, and Undefined Fantastic Object), and the place I ordered it from was kind enough to even include a postcard featuring the shrine maiden Sanae. I think I might give it to someone as a gift.

Anyway, concerning other manners, the work on "Confinement" is still underway. Currently, however, I'm under the beck and call of an overseas programmer as I await his response for help with coding. Appolgies to my fellow Po3 team members.

Here is a picture of all that I recieved in the mail (taken with the super-low quality DSi camera):

Strange Eastern Items ----- ACQUIRED


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2010-01-20 23:12:55

Awesome. I'd probably buy some Touhou merchandise, if I had money. Unfortunately I only have money at certain random times, and they never seem to coincide with my most intensive periods of Touhou. Speaking of which, it's about time to go back, something tells me we're going to need the sunrise soon.

firemaker60 responds:

Eh, well the games themselves were pretty cheap, only about $20 each. The only problem is that costs just as much as another game...

It's that time again, eh? Well, I'm right prepared, just let me know when the Locked Girl needs to come out of the library...


2010-02-28 19:49:54

You're gonna give the picture to me, right?

firemaker60 responds:

Currently, a Touhou crazed fangirl at my school has it, although she's willing to give it back to me...


2010-06-15 03:14:26

Mission complete. The sun has risen. What they do with the day is up to them, now.


2010-07-21 23:12:15



2010-07-21 23:23:34

No, really, that's kind of cool.


2010-07-22 14:39:17

So... that one on the left there, UFO -- Unidentified Fantastical Object -- when are you cracking that one open? I WANT IT, and you will NEVER beat Orin (I belive that's her name) in Subterranean Animism, which means you can't beat the game... I believe it's time to face facts and open a new game, dont'cha think?


2010-07-28 15:33:18

Hey, i got a name change.

firemaker60 responds:

They gave you a name change? Man, everyone's been getting one...

But, I quite like my uncapitalized name with numbers now. It's sort of grown on me...


2010-08-16 04:57:38

Gimmi gimmi!


2010-08-21 16:15:28



2010-10-26 17:13:26

Question: From where did you order these games?


2010-11-18 02:05:33

Comment on my newspost.


2012-10-06 13:06:33

These posts are so old. . .
By the time you read this I'll probably be long dead.


2012-11-08 00:56:38

Hey, add me on Skype(sasuke2910)


2013-08-18 07:01:34

i want those so bad!!